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iSing workshops focus on the importance of encouraging inclusive singing in schools, and on promoting the enjoyment of music and social interaction which result from such music making.


Founder and Artistic Director Dominic Ellis-Peckham is also keen to explore opportunities for extra-curricular music-making and to prevent music education from becoming an elitist pursuit. The nature of his workshops is to encourage the singers, in an un-intimidating fashion, to listen to one another and learn to understand the many aspects of ensemble singing.  Dominic is, however, insistent that he never loses sight of the basic aim of making the experience enjoyable for all. Dominic guarantees to leave the children with an infectious love for all music.


As part of their commitment to the capital city they serve, and to the next generation of singers, London Oriana Choir are launching their new education initiative, in association with iSing.


London Oriana Choir can offer a free one-off workshop with Dominic to schools throughout the capital, to include a formal performance for each school. Workshops will involve developing repertoire, improving individual’s performance confidence and enhancing ensemble and solo vocal skills.


Dominic will create a programme suited to the individual needs of the schools, using music including folk songs, African chant, and beat-box explosions. 


For more information and bookings please contact Dominic direct at

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