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In 2016 London Oriana Choir launched five15, a groundbreaking five year project to support women composers through commissions, a competition, recordings, an anthology and a festival finale.  We welcome donations to support the remaining elements of this exciting project.

Befriend the choir for the 2019/20 season

The London Oriana Choir values its loyal audience and would like to recognise your support  through our ‘Friends of the London Oriana Choir’ packages for the 2019/20 season. 

Our Current Friends

Angela Birkle

Celine Mathews

George R Taylor

Malcolm and Christine Dunmow

Marcus Clapham

Christopher Kowalski
Seamus Rea  
James Ramsden 
Daniel Florea 
David Dellaire 
Kit Senior 
Jonathan Scott 
Peter Warwick
Oli Glynn
Thom Evans 
Paul Gazzard 
Simon Price
Ian Wilkinson 
Tomas Vail 
Rory Smith

These beneficial offerings will both underpin concert financing and allow regular concert attenders to make overall savings on concert tickets, whilst receiving preferential seating and other benefits.

The Single Package

The single package will includes 5 tickets to be used across a season (September to July). These tickets may be redeemed at any Oriana-promoted concert, although only one ticket per package may be redeemed for Christmas concerts.  The single package costs £100.

The Joint Package

The joint package is ideal for couples or families, or for a group of friends. It includes 10 tickets to be used across the season (September to July), and can be redeemed at any Oriana-promoted concert. A maximum of two tickets from this package may be redeemed for Christmas concerts.  The joint package costs £180.

Additional rewards

The tickets will provide you access to the highest available tier that is priced at or below £29. Note that early redemption is recommended, as the higher tier seating usually sells out quickly.

Each ticket will also allow you one free accompanying child ticket. This must be requested at the time of booking, and is not applicable to Christmas concerts. If two adult tickets are redeemed, then two children may accompany free of charge, making this scheme fantastic value for families!

Where possible, a dedicated section of seating will be provided for Friends.

We will publicly acknowledge your support on our website.

The Small Print

Tickets are only valid for the issued season, and cannot be carried forward.

Booking will be made via the London Oriana Choir Friends Ambassador.

Tickets are subject to availability.  It is the responsibility of the Friend to redeem their ticket, and the London Oriana Choir cannot be held responsible if a concert has sold out before this has been done.

Where different pricing tiers are offered at a concert, Friends will be allocated tickets in the highest available tier at or below £29 (or tier of their choice). If the highest available tier has already sold out, then they will be allocated in the next available tier.

From the single package, only one ticket may be redeemed for a Christmas concert. For the sake of clarity, where London Oriana Choir hold multiple performances of a Christmas concert, this restriction applies as a single ticket across those concerts, not one per concert.

From the joint package, two tickets may be redeemed for a Christmas concert. For the sake of clarity, where London Oriana Choir hold multiple performances of a Christmas concert, this restriction applies, across those performances. That is, both may be used at one Christmas performance, or one ticket at one performance, and one ticket at another performance.

The free accompanying child tickets are limited to one per redeemed adult ticket, and is only available if requested at the time of booking. We regret that free child tickets are not available for Christmas concerts.

Once tickets have been redeemed and issued, they are non-returnable.

A Friends subscription cannot be cancelled once issued, but any unused ticket allocation may be passed on to someone else.

London Oriana Choir reserves the right to vary these terms from time to time.

Contact details

Please email for any further information or to sign up as a Friend.

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We have signed the Keychange pledge to increase the representation of women in the music industry.

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The choir operates as a company limited by guarantee (London Oriana Choir Ltd), UK registered charity 1038120.
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