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The London Oriana Choir is amongst the most versatile choirs in London, with the highest quality musical standards, a great blend of voices and exciting programming.

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Over its almost 50-year history, the London Oriana Choir has gained an enviable reputation for its professionalism, high musical standards, a varied and eclectic repertoire and excellent presentation skills…

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Join us

Our members tell us over and over again that, for them, the London Oriana Choir is all about the joy of music-making, excellence, variety, community and passion.

Upcoming Events

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The giver of stars

Join the critically acclaimed London Oriana Choir and Dominic Ellis-Peckham as they celebrate a Choral Independence Day. Ground-breaking music from across all sound-worlds from the USA and Canada, from hidden gems to leading lights across all genres

Saturday 4th July 2020, 7:30pm


A choral concert devoted to liberation, the celebration of freedom and the call for peace, with works by Sir Michael Tippett, Palestrina, Byrd, Moses Hogan, Jessica Curry, Cecilia McDowall and others 

Saturday 15th May 2020, 7:30pm

Recent recordings

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In the stillness

A magical setting by Sally Beamish of words by Katrina Shepherd capturing the hushed rapture of a small…


Vespertilians (Bats)

An electric setting by American composer Jocelyn Hagen of text from Ovid’s Metamorphoses celebrating…

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We have signed the Keychange pledge to increase the representation of women in the music industry.

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The choir operates as a company limited by guarantee (London Oriana Choir Ltd), UK registered charity 1038120.
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